Brad Blue

Brad Blue

Brad Blue

Brad Blue | Connexus Energy Board of Directors candidate for District 4

He lives in Big Lake with his wife Julie, a public school elementary teacher. Together they have five, now grown, children and one delightful grandchild, and Brad’s committed to keeping Minnesota a safe and healthy place for all children, grandchildren, and generations.

Hard play. Fun, but hard is an apt way to describe the purpose of Brad’s job. He designs new school development and learning opportunities for students and teachers, including robotics systems, for learners in the next generation. For this reason and with the support of the Medtronic Foundation, he created GEMS - Girls in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science and then GISE - Guys in Science and Engineering. They build, test, break, rethink, and then succeed!  Minnesota has a very long legacy of innovation, and he is engaging young minds and building what is next.

Through his work and volunteering, Brad strives to create opportunities for young people He’s done this through GEMS and GISE, partnerships with STEM Minnesota, the Science Museum of Minnesota, NASA, the US Space & Rocket Center, and other Minnesota foundations that are committed to a vibrant future for Minnesota. He’s also coached soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and robotics teams which is very fitting for someone young at heart and full of energy. Other organizations that he supports the work and vision of are Fresh Energy, Great Plains Institute, CURE, Conservation Minnesota, BWCA, and Wilderness Inquiry.

Brad is committed to a cleaner, healthier environment and to finding ways to make access to renewable energy EASIER and CHEAPER for EVERY Minnesotan, including the 133,000 member-owners of Connexus Energy. Connexus Energy is the largest electric co-op in Minnesota, from St. Cloud to Marine on St. Croix. How energy is generated for that many people affects health as well as the economy. Minnesotans have an obligation to produce and distribute clean and fresh energy.  As a board member, Brad wants to create simple ways for people to access HOW to do this, how to make homes and families safer and healthier. And to take care of one another and the community.

There are simple ways to increase reliability, improved security, and produce energy through renewable sources in Minnesota. Brad has a relentless commitment to lower costs, to improve service while assuring families that their electricity is clean and locally produced. He’s committed to making information transparent and accessible so that member-owners can more easily make important decisions about energy and helping member-owners understand what is possible and how to do this. There are so many people who are really smart, really caring, who want the same things: energy that is reliable, affordable, and won't pollute our soil, water, and air.

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