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It only takes 3 minutes to vote.

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CE is the largest electric cooperative in MN.

Let's make it an industry leader!

Less than 10% of CE members exercise their right to vote.

Renewable energy (with wind and solar) is now more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

All Incumbents won & all of the Bylaws passed. (There were less than 10,000 voters‐‐which is FEWER than last year.) Up to 135,000 voters (Connexus Member-Owners) were eligible to vote. Dist. 1–Mark Ethen 55%, Zach Arco 32%, Sam Villella 13%; Dist. 3‐‐Fran Bator 73%, George Wimmer 27%; Dist. 4–Gordy Westerlind 49%, Angie Ronayne 34%, Brad […]